Tutorial: Logo Switch-Up

I love how creative and diverse this assignment can be. While there are many ways to make this happen, I decided to use Snapchat, as it is very user friendly.

First, pick a photo that will be different from what your desired logo is advertising. For example, I chose a pack of Oreos. Use the snipping tool on Snapchat to cut out the shape of the Oreos.

Next, find an image with the logo you want! Use that as your background. Open up the page that saves your clippings. Add the Oreo clip onto the logo background.

And… voilà!

Scary Story Through Text [★★★★★]

This assignment was a lot of fun!

The challenge behind this was to approach storytelling through a text conversation. Everyone has seen text message stories online. Now, I created one!

I used an online creator to make this happen, and I really enjoyed how user friendly it is.

Hope you enjoy this suspenseful story!!

Below, you can find details behind the challenge: