DS106 Comes to a Close, But Ends With a Bang

What. a. semester.

As my group members and I spoke, we couldn’t believe how quickly the semester went by, and how many topics we covered in this class! But we had so much fun, and this final project was an amazing way to wrap up all the work we’ve done!

So let’s talk about the final project. We took a lot of time to figure out what we wanted to do with the project, and of course, how to link it all together. I think, over the course of the semester, Lauren, Abby, and I all learned the most in regard to design, audio, and visual. None of us had ever done something like that before. So, as a best way to summarize the semester, we chose these forms of digital storytelling for the project!

In terms of the focus, we wanted this project to link back to the 80s. But the question was, how do we connect them?

Because the 80s was a big theme for the semester, we ultimately decided it would be a lot of fun to take a look at a lot of different aspects of the 80s. For design, we though a cool approach would be fashion. Fashion is about looks, so design works well! Each of us made our own collage of what we thought was 80s fashion. And then we combined them all together! It was a lot of fun.

Next up, we have our audio project! This was a reflection of the radio show we did earlier in the semester. For this part of the project, we focused on significant events of the 80s – and ones that impact our lives today. I, for example, chose video games and arcades. This was incredibly important in the 80s, but also has changed gaming today. Abby chose the Challenger explosion. Lauren chose the fall of the Berlin Wall. We had a lot of fun using Audacity one more time. And we played with special effects to make it a fun listen!

Finally, the most fun part of the project was our video on 80s TV shows! All three of us recall watching 80s TV shows growing up (Thanks, parents!), and so we decided to add commentary to the intro of some of our favorite TV shows. Ultimately, these shows shaped US!

So we hope you enjoy everything we put together. We had so much fun doing it, and we are grateful for a fun semester as part of DS106! Below is a link to the final project 🙂