Photography And Me

Photography and I have a good relationship, simply because I love it. I won’t pretend to be the world’s greatest photographer by any means, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

For example, I have been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling in my lifetime. Part of this is because my mom is from Lithuania, and so, for many summers, I would spend most of my time there, visiting family. Additionally, my dad loves travelling and exploring new places. I owe many of my travels around the world to him. Because of all these incredible experiences that I was able to partake in, photography was the method through which I was able to fully appreciate my travels for years to come.

Below, for example, is a photo I took in Assisi, Italy, on a trip I took with my mom:

Photos of my travels are only a portion of the photos I take. After all, most of the time, I’m not travelling. But there’s still beautiful things in my life that I want to remember!

Meet Millie, my favorite dog in the world. She lives with my mom, and I always miss her. So photos like this help me cope until I see her during my next visit to the mom’s house.

Also, I love cooking! Keeping track of delicious meals I’ve made is a lot of fun. And it also helps me see how far I’ve come! Below is my take on Korean Bibimbap (credit goes to my boyfriend who cooked it with me!)

So yes, photography is super important to me. Not only because I want to preserve the memory, but also because I want to preserve the emotions and feelings associated with the memory! My love for my dog, for example. The thrill of travelling to new places! The delicious taste of the Bibimbap! Again I say, that is the beauty of photography.

Can I improve my photography? Absolutely. Photography is also storytelling, especially when you start sharing your photos with others. There’s that cliché saying: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The question then becomes: how do I share this beauty with others? And that’s where thought comes in. Putting though into techniques like lighting, contrast, balance, and depth allows others to see a polished perspective. And in doing so, you have shared a polished version of what you find beautiful in the world.