Radio Show Progress

Progress is coming along well for our radio show, “Tubular Tunes and Other DS106 Antics!” We’re all really excited to get started!

For the most part, progress has been made in terms of brainstorming. Here are some of the ideas that we have come up with for the upcoming radio show:

  • Listening and talking about the traits of 80s songs: what are its influences? What sort of sounds make it unique?
  • Compare and contrast: songs of the 80s and songs of today! This will include classics from the 80s like Livin’ On A Prayer, Take On Me, etc. as well as songs of today that sound influenced by the 80s, including “Days That Got Away” by MGMT and “Dancing On Glass” by St. Lucia.

Furthermore, here are some posters and logos that me and other group members made!

Credit goes to Lauren for this awesome work!
Credit goes to Abby for this awesome poster!

Above is the logo I made for the show!

Looking forward to start recording with my group members!