Week Six Fun

Alright, Week 6 has come and gone! Design week has definitely been an interesting one, filled with both a lot of fun and a lot of challenges. But as usual, with each week, I learn a little more and begin to appreciate new ways of storytelling.

Let’s start with the daily creates for the week! First up, in case you haven’t already heard, corgis are one of my favorite animals!

Next up, what does the word “gumption” mean to me? Well, I saw the word and thought of this:

Finally, I awarded myself after a stressful week. Winner of….

Next up, we have the fun/challenging design challenges for the week! All of these design projects challenged me a lot. In particular, I had a very rough time with GIMP despite watching over an hour of tutorials on it. SO… fair warning that they’re not the best. But it’s the learning process that matters.

First up, my minimalist movie poster:

You can read more about the thought process that went into it here:

Next up, and perhaps the most shameful, is my project to sum up a movie with four “nouns.” I struggled with this one, obviously, as GIMP gave me a lot of issues. I would definitely rate GIMP a 0% for user friendliness. But I gave it my best. You can access it below:

Next up, I started a business…kind of. This challenge was to create a business logo. And so I did, for my new product, banana candles!

This challenge was quite fun, as it did not involve GIMP. You can read more about the thought process below:

Another fun challenge was to create an inspirational poster. Unfortunately, I had to use GIMP again. But I think this one worked out a lot better. All I needed to do was add a filter and text. So not as demanding of technical skills in GIMP. P.S. The challenge said I could make the quote sarcastic. So enjoy 🙂

Read more about the process below:

My last challenge was a lot of fun as well. This one challenged me to make my own maze! I think I enjoyed this one the most because I was able to create my own personal spin on it. I got to choose the shape, the dimensions, the number of dead ends, etc. This one also didn’t need to be done on GIMP. Instead, I found a website that helped me through it. If you’re looking for something fun to do, give my maze a try! I didn’t make it easy…

Below are the details on this project:

Next up, a Design Blitz!! What I enjoyed most about this project was that it challenged me to see design-storytelling in a whole new light. Just like last week’s theme of audio, design is equally diverse and encourages expression. Here are the photos that I found represented certain aspects of design:

Displaying IMG-6683.JPG
Displaying IMG-6682.JPG
Displaying IMG-6681.JPG
Displaying IMG-6680.JPG

Read about my thoughts on each photo below:

Anddddd last but not least, my reflection on this week’s readings! In this blog post, I shared all my thoughts both about what design means to me, and what I learned this week. Read it below:

Image result for colorful gif

This week has had its ups and downs. But I definitely enjoyed learning more about design and all it has to offer. Continuing to comment on other people’s work, I have also enjoyed all the other work that has been done by students!