What’s Design All About?

Here is my reflection on “A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design” by Iconic Designer Chip Kidd.

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After having read this article, all I can say is wow – design is so immensely diverse, creative, and expressive.

It really rang true to me to hear that EVERYTHING IS DESIGNED. Think about it – every article of clothing you wear, every building you walk past, even every package of food you get from the grocery! All of this falls under design, and it ultimately comes down to the nature of humans and their need for expression.

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What I’ve always valued is the idea that everyone has a story to share. More so, everyone has a DIFFERENT story to share. My experiences are not the same as yours. And yet, I want to hear what you have to say. I want to see what you see. Those are the fundamentals of true human connection. So how does design come into play? Well, through storytelling of course! Design is EXPRESSION when it comes down to it. This is certainly visible in artwork. But it also can be seen in a project that someone put together. It can be seen in a choice of outfit someone is wearing. All of these are very suble, yet very intentional ways in which a person expresses themselves.

That is what I got out of this article – the profound depth of design. It enables each and every person to be create, expressive, and ultimately, themselves.

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